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Wapiti Meadow or Wapiti Station is located north-west from Two Forks Lookout. It was introduced when Henry stumbles upon a massive caged area near the area where Henry discovered Brian Goodwin's backpack and can choose to report his discovery to Delilah.

Delilah seems unaware of its existence or denies that she has any knowledge of it when Henry reports the massive cage back to her.

As the plot of the story unfolds, it was revealed as a base of research regarding a mind-control conspiracy as it has written reports about Henry and Delilah about their behaviors. There are also a number of technologies that is way ahead of their time like satellite dishes, radio transmitters, radio interceptors, signal towers, etc.

Ned Goodwin destroyed the station to destroy the evidences after Henry leaves the premise and caused a massive forest fire in addition to the June Fire which later became one.

Notes found in Ned's base reveal that the station was a research station, as Delilah originally suspected, but that the researchers had temporarily abandoned it, leaving Ned to take it over during his studies of her and Henry.

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The player can access the station gate by traversing the far end of Jonesy Lake and the game would let you get straight to the Boy Scout's Camp as Henry already told Delilah before that the gate is locked and the scouts may help him get inside the station.

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