Henry approaching Two Forks Lookout.

Two Forks Lookout is the lookout tower that Henry is assigned to. After two tough days of hiking, Henry finally managed to reach Two Forks. The player would most likely spend most of his time in the tower when not hiking around Shoshone National Forest. The tower was used by Ned Goodwin and Brian Goodwin for the previous summer. The tower was ransacked by the mysterious figure(later revealed to be Ned) when he knew Henry discovered Cave 452.


He has all necessities in this tower, including:

Two propane tanks

Multiple containers of Water

Sleeping Area/Sheets

Reading Lamp

Writing Utensils

Various Books


Other Items of Usefulness


Most days begin with Henry in the Lookout Tower and ends with him returning to this lookout, prompting a loading screen.



Orthographic view of Firewatch. Note that the Two Forks is the highest point.


Two Forks Lookout Interior Development Progress

Development progress of the interior, by Jane Ng.

  • The player can find Forrest Byrnes outside the lookout facing Cave 452.
  • The tower was designed by Jane Ng.