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Supply Caches are wooden boxes scattered about the Two Forks area that contain items which may be useful to Henry. They also typically include a map which will give you additional details about surrounding trails and areas of interest.

There are nine of these smaller boxes in addition to the larger Supply Drop box, and they are all opened using the code "1234" by default.

List of Cache Boxes[edit | edit source]

Cache 241[edit | edit source]


Location: Mule Point Area

Contents: Fossilized Claw, Loose Stone, Note From Ron 6/16/86

Preset Lock Number: 1590

Cache 302[edit | edit source]


Location: Beartooth Point

Contents: Board, Pine Cone (x3), Six Feet Down Under, Note From Ron 7/30/86

Preset Lock Number: 5555

Cache 303[edit | edit source]


Location: Cave 452

Contents: Horn, Flashlight

Preset Lock Number: 6479

Cache 305[edit | edit source]


Location: Jonesy Lake

Contents: Old Sweater, The Fourth Estate, Note From Dave 8/29/86

Preset Lock Number: 9087

Cache 306[edit | edit source]


Location: Nearby Lookout Station

Contents: Granola Bar, Old Rope, Pine Cone, Note From Dave 7/7/86

Preset Lock Number: 8008

Cache 307[edit | edit source]


Location: Ruby River

Contents: Old Toilet Paper (x2), Pine Cone, The Accidental Savior, Jane Eyre, One Chance to Die, Terminal Seven, Note From Dave (No Date)

Preset Lock Number: 2468

Cache 308[edit | edit source]


Location: Cottonwood Creek

Contents: Three Blind Rats

Preset Lock Number: 4321 (try 5678 if you can't open it)

Cache 309[edit | edit source]


Location: Five Mile Creek

Contents: Pine Cone (x3), Missing Person Flyer

Preset Lock Number: 6693

Cache A44[edit | edit source]


Location: Hawk's Rest

Contents: Korea Veteran Hat

Preset Lock Number: 0451