Ned Goodwin is the main antagonist in the game, as well as father to Brian Goodwin.

He is the mysterious figure that shone light at Henry above the cliff after he discovered Cave 452. This was supported by the radio conversation between Ned and Henry on pre-ending scene.


Ned is responsible for listening in on Henry and Delilah's conversation by tuning into the same wavelength as their radios. This is first discovered when Henry finds a clipboard with the list of the conversations the two of them had.

It's unknown what happens to Ned, but it's speculated that he leaves behind where he was living, due to the fire, in search of another place to live.

Personality Edit


  • Ned is good with craft work.
  • It is noted by Delilah near the start of the game that he was a "PTSD'ed Asshole", you can find a secret hat in the game with the words 'Korean Veteran' on them in a supply cache. It is possible that he may or may not have fought in the Korean War, and thus received PTSD.
  • He has extensive knowledge about electronics, as he is salvaging the Boombox, and he built his own Radio and Cassette Deck. The plans for the radio as well as other items are found on a table in his Hideout.
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