Delilah... she's a record you don't gotta flip.
Ned, as he talks about Delilah

Picture of Ned found in the single-use cardboard camera.

Ned Goodwin is the main antagonist in the game, as well as father to Brian Goodwin.

He is the mysterious figure that shone light at Henry above the cliff after he discovered Cave 452 during Day One. This was supported by the radio conversation between Ned and Henry on pre-ending scene.

Ned is responsible for listening in on Henry and Delilah's conversation by tuning into the same wavelength as their radios. This is first discovered when Henry finds a clipboard with the list of the conversations the two of them had.

It's unknown what happens to Ned, but it's speculated that he leaves behind where he was living, due to the fire, in search of another place to live.


Ned is a former military man, forced to leave the army after he lost his mom and he was the only kin to his son. At one point he went out to the wilderness as a lookout at the Two Forks area. It's implied that Ned liked being in the tower and goes out rarely. It is also implied by his son that he would often go caving in Cave 452. Brian took his pitons to stop him from going into the cave so he would spend more time with him. at one point Ned went caving with Brian, he was trying to teach Brian how to put in an anchor correctly, only Brian failed at doing it, and ultimately fell to his demise, this hardened Ned.


Ned and Brian at Two Forks.

Not knowing what to do, Ned decided to hide in the park. He built a very impressive hideout and started scavenging lookouts and camp-sites for things he could use. Eventually, he was spotted by Henry at Day One, which he was afraid was gonna get him caught. He did everything he could to scare Henry out of the park, but eventually, he was found out. Knowing he had no chance of stopping people from knowing about him, he decided just to prove that he didn't kill his son. He would let Henry into the cave, and afterwards he would pack up and go deeper into the Shoshone.


  • Ned is good with craft work.
  • He has extensive knowledge about electronics, as he is salvaging the Boombox, and he built his own Radio and Cassette Deck. The plans for the radio as well as other items are found on a table in his Hideout.
  • Though Delilah makes it sound like Ned hated his son, It is hard to be believed as he has pictures and other memories over his bed. There are also pictures where the look happy together.
  • Unlike Henry, Ned and Brian are seen in different clothes implying they may change regularly.
  • Ned is voiced by Mac Brandt.
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