Henry M. ("Hank") is the main protagonist from Firewatch story line. He is originally from Boulder, Colorado and is 39 years old.

Before the start of Firewatch, Henry's life is described to the player through paragraphs of text. Every few screens the player is allowed to make Henry take an action, whether it be choosing a breed of dog e.g. None of the actions chosen is significant to the game play nor changes the overarching story save for changing certain responses during radio conversations in-game.

Regardless of the choices made during the introduction, Henry meets his wife Julia, a professor at a bar, before falling in love with her, marries her, gets a dog and has a good life for the most part. Their relationship becomes dysfunctional as Julia unfortunately gets early-onset dementia, which develops into Alzheimer's Disease. To escape, Henry takes a job in the wilderness of the Two Forks Lookout but sometimes regrets his decision.

His supervisor Delilah soon admits that she was drunk when she first spoke with Henry on the radio. Despite Delilah's Thorofare Lookout being a mountain over, the two develop a decent relationship through radio conversations over the course of the game. It is also hinted that Delilah makes continuous flirtation with Henry, and possibly other lookouts before him, to some unknown goal.



  • He is voiced by Rich Sommer, known for his role as Harry Crane on the TV show Mad Men.
  • Even if the main story isn't affected by the initial narrative, the choices made in the intro can define Henry's character to better suit the player's ideal of him.
  • As of 2020, Henry would be 70.
  • Depending on the choices made by the player (to flirt back with Delilah or not), Henry can either keep his wedding ring on, or take it off.
  • Henry has a dog, which the player names in the introduction.
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