Delilah June A. is the deuteragonist of Firewatch and the supervisor of Henry, the game's protagonist. She is located on Thorofare Lookout on the far north of Henry's tower. Henry remains in nearly constant contact with her via radio and can be reached at any and time she or Henry starts a conversation or Henry finds something worth reporting to her, except during sections taking place in the cave. As the game progresses, increasing doubt is shed on Delilah, her relationship with Henry, her affiliation and what she potentially knows. As such, the player has the choice when making discoveries to report to her or not. The player never meets Delilah in person, leaving her appearance a mystery.




  • Delilah admits to Henry she rarely talks to other lookouts.
  • Assumed to be born in 1945 or 1946 as she is stated to be 43 years old in 1989 as according to the reports at Wapiti Station.
  • Delilah mentions that she has been working with the Forest Service for 13 years as of 1989, meaning that she has been working since 1976.
  • Delilah enjoys sarcastic humor.
  • Despite working for over a decade, Delilah rarely leaves her lookout. It has been revealed Delilah is not disabled, as during the section of the game where Delilah and Henry's safety is in question she admits to leaving her lookout to put a replacement radio in one of the stashes.
  • Delilah likes to do crosswords, with evidence in her lookout tower of a book titled "1001 Crossword Puzzles". She also mentions this over the radio when talking to Henry, commenting on him going out and hiking, while she does crosswords.
  • At the end of the game when inside Delilah's lookout tower, you see that she stole the pork pond sign.
    • In an interview with BAFTA Guru in 2017, Cissy Jones stated: "Getting into character for Delilah was just shedding any doubts, or cares, or worries about what people think about you and that's kind of how I did it with Delilah.".
    • In an interview with BAFTA Guru in 2018, Cissy Jones mentioned that during development, Delilah was originally going to be named Alice.
  • A note found at Wapiti Station suggests that Delilah has a drinking problem. In her tower an empty bottle of Tequila can be found in the waste paper basket, as well as an opened bottle on her desk, suggesting this is at least partly true. This is also reinforced at Henry's first day, when she talks with him, says that she has a confession, that she was drunk when she welcomed you to the job. However, the developers has stated that she is not an alcoholic.
    • About this last point, she seems to be a little bit ashamed of her drinking problem, when she says that she is "a little pushy", refering to her attitude when she asked you about why were you on the job.
  • She seems to be concerned about the outside world problems, as she complains about the government, who let the Yellowstone Forest burn without doing anything.
  • As of 2020, Delilah would be 74.
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