Go through the conversation, and head down to the Gulch that you named to reach Jonesy Lake. Grab the clipboard, and talk to Delilah. Turn around and go down the path for a few feet, cross over the log, and look down at your feet. Follow the path to a radio giving off a strange noise and grab it. Loot Cache Box 305. Head North along the lake North to Wapiti Meadow, get to the fence, and shove it a few times.

Head towards Ruby River, and look for the controlled burn. The easiest path is to head through Thunder Canyon, then East through Cave 452, then back through Two Forks. From here, head South to Ruby River, cross it, and then go to Scout Camp in the far South-East corner.

Explore the camp, and follow the trail through it North. Grab the axe, look at your map, and go to the thin canyon in the North-East. Chop down the damaged tree, and talk to Delilah as you head back to Wapiti Meadow.

The title placard for Day Seventy Seven will now pop up.