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Day One is a part of the story in Firewatch.

Guide[edit | edit source]

As Day One starts, walk up to the lookout tower. Your first task will be to collect your radio and to turn on the power to the station. Flip the button on the generator, and turn on the light. Talk to Delilah on the walkie-talkie.

You'll wake up to Henry typing. Talk to Delilah. She'll introduce you to the map table. Delilah will tell you to look out the window to some fireworks. You'll be told to go down to whoever is setting off the fireworks, and make sure they stop. Delilah will tell you the supply box codes, which are all 1-2-3-4. Grab your gear, and head on out. You need to get the rope at the NFS Cache Box 306, so use your map to get there. Look at the map to update your own, and grab the granola bar as well. You can leave the pine cone, however.

Once you get to the shale, attach your rope to the rope hook and rappel down the cliff face. Go to the campsite, and take the fireworks. Put out the fire as well. Soon, you'll hear some music, so follow the trail of clothes. Once at the lake, you'll see two naked people in the water. You can grab the stereo and throw it in the water for a funny conversation. Make your way back to the lookout tower. On the way back, you'll hear some lightning strikes. There's another cache on the path back that you can open. Inside, you'll find another map update, a flashlight, and a horn.

There's a cave in this area, which Delilah notes is called Thunder Canyon. Move through the cave. You can report the locked cave. Climb out of the cave, and continue down the path. You'll encounter a shadow with a flashlight. Once you get to the tower, you'll see your outhouse, and have a nice conversation with Delilah.

You'll see your typewriter on the ground, and go upstairs to find the tower was broken into. Delilah will put in a call. That's the end of Day One - a title card for Day Two will pop up.

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